Esta es la fotografía de la hermana de la reina Isabel que escandalizó al Reino Unido

El escándalo de la Casa Real Británica

La realeza británica ha pasado por muchos escándalos a lo largo de su historia. Incluso fueron recreados en la serie de Netflix, The Crown, aunque uno en especial apareció en la pantalla un poco diferente a como ocurrió en realidad.

Nos referimos a una famosa fotografía de la princesa Margarita, la única hermana de la reina Isabel II. En ella parecía que ella estaba totalmente desnuda, lo que desató un escándalo, sobre todo por ser un miembro de la familia real.

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En la serie incluyeron el momento en el que la foto de Margarita, hermana de la Reina Isabel II se filtró a los medios, y cómo fue tomada (durante el tiempo en el que ella estaba soltera) por el fotógrafo Antony Armstrong-Jones, quien terminaría convirtiéndose en su esposo.

Sin embargo, miembros del parlamento y amigos de Margarita aseguran que esta fotografía fue tomada en 1967, siete años después de que ella se casara con el fotógrafo.

May 6, 1960 – Wedding of Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom and Antony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey Margaret's announcement of her engagement, on 26 February 1960, took the press by surprise; she had taken care to conceal the romance from reporters. She reportedly accepted his proposal a day after learning from Peter Townsend that he intended to marry a young Belgian woman, Marie-Luce Jamagne, who was half his age and bore a striking resemblance to Princess Margaret. The ceremony was the first royal wedding to be broadcast on television, and it attracted viewing figures of 300 million worldwide. Despite the public enthusiasm, most foreign royal families of Europe disapproved of a king's daughter marrying a photographer. Queen Ingrid of Denmark was the only foreign queen to attend the wedding. The wedding dress was designed by Norman Hartnell, the favoured couturier of the royals, and was made from silk organza. The skirt comprised some 30 metres of fabric. Hartnell specifically kept the adornments of the dress such as the crystal embellishments and beading to a minimum in order to suit Margaret's petite frame. It has also been described as one of Hartnell's most beautiful and sophisticated pieces. She wore the Poltimore tiara which was bought especially for her. Margaret had eight young bridesmaids, led by her niece, Princess Anne. The Duke of Edinburgh escorted the bride. In 1961, Margaret's husband was created Earl of Snowdon. The couple had two children (both born by Caesarean section at Margaret's request): David, now 2nd Earl of Snowdon and Lady Sarah Chatto. The marriage widened Margaret's social circle beyond the Court and aristocracy to include show business celebrities and bohemians. At the time, it was thought to reflect the breaking down of British class barriers. After extramarital affairs by both, the couple divorced in 1978, It was the first divorce of a senior royal since Princess Victoria of Edinburgh's, in 1901.

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Margarita amaba a un hombre divorciado

Margarita había decidido casarse con Antony Armstrong-Jones (el fotógrafo) después de que el capitán Peter Townsend le enviara una carta renunciando a su amor por las presiones de la familia real, quienes no lo querían por doblar la edad de Margarita, ser divorciado y tener hijos.

Remembering Princess Margaret. . Born.21 August 1930 – died.9 February 2002 . . Who was Peter Townsend ? . . ◼ Group Captain Peter Wooldridge Townsend, (born. 22 November 1914 – died. 19 June 1995) was Equerry to King George VI 1944–1952 & held the same position for Queen Elizabeth II 1952–1953. . . ◼ Townsend was one of the most capable squadron leaders of the Battle of Britain in 1940, serving throughout the battle as CO of No. 85 Squadron RAF, flying Hawker Hurricanes. . ◾ On 31 August, during combat, Townsend was shot down & wounded in the left foot by a cannon shell which went through the glycol tank & exploded in the cockpit. He continued to lead the unit on the ground even after this wound resulted in his big toe being amputated, & he returned to operational flying on 21 September. . . ◾ His wartime record was 9 aircraft claimed destroyed (& 2 shared), 2 'probables' & 4 damaged. . ◼ In 1944, he was appointed temporary equerry to King George VI. He was promoted Group Captain in 1948. In August 1950, he was made deputy Master of the Household & was moved to comptroller to the Queen Mother in 1952. . ◾ On 17 July 1941 Peter Townsend married (Cecil) Rosemary Pawle. They divorced in 1952. . ◾ Townsend later married a Belgian woman, Marie-Luce Jamagne, in 1959. . ◼ In between these marriages Group Captain Townsend had met Princess Margaret in his role as an equerry to her father, King George VI. . ◼ Despite his distinguished career, in the social atmosphere of the time, when divorced people suffered severe disapproval & could not remarry in the Church of England, Townsend had no chance of marriage with the princess unless she renounced her royal privileges. Their relationship caused enormous controversy around 1953. The Princess eventually renounced Townsend, who was sent to take up a post at the British Embassy in Belgium. . . . #Petertownsend #PrincessMargaret #CountessofSnowdon #PrincessMargaretCountessofSnowdon #HerRoyalHighness #BritishMonarchy #RoyalFamily #HouseofWindsor

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Actualmente se han relajado un poco los protocolos en este sentido como se pudo ver con Meghan Markle, quien ya era divorciada y pudo casarse con el príncipe Harry.

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